Kiki’s Delivery Service – Hair Bow

Kiki’s huge hair bow is essential for her costume. It can be made with three rectangles of fabric.


  • red satin
  • interfacing
  • 1/2″ elastic
  • ruler

Rectangle #1: Bow

  • Measure a rectangle approximately 12″ X 4″of both the satin and  interfacing. Interfacing should be placed on the wrong side of the satin.
  • Hamburger fold them right sides together with the interfacing on the outside. Sew the side edge, but leave a 1″ opening in the middle. (The scissors are pointing to the opening.)dsc_0422
  • Rearrange the fabric so the opening is in the center and stitch across the top and bottom edge. Clip corners and turn right side out. Hand stitch closed.

Rectangle #2: Knot

  • Cut a rectangle  3″ X 4″. Hot dog fold with right sides together, stitch tube, turn right side out.
  • With right sides together, stitch the tube into a circle.(If you’re an overachiever, you can slip stitch it closed, so that there are no raw edges. This part gets hidden, so I don’t bother with the extra work.)dsc_0428

Rectangle #3: Headband

  • Cut a third rectangle 13.5″ X 2″ on the bias so it has some extra stretch. With right sides together, stitch into a long tube that is just wider than the 1/2″ elastic. Trim excess edge. Turn right side out.
  • Cut a length of 1/2″ elastic 12″ long. Thread it through the tube.  Sew a straight line over the end of the elastic and tube. Repeat at the other end. The red material will scrunch because it is longer than the elastic.dsc_0430
  • Slide the headband tube through the knot. (The bow has also been slid through the knot in this picture, but it doesn’t have to be.)dsc_0433
  • Sew ends of tube and elastic together in a circle with right sides together. (This is another place slip stitching can make your work prettier, but I just hide this edge under the knot.)


  • Pull the headband around so that the raw end is under the knot.
  • Slide the bow through the small circle and arrange aesthetically. You may need to fold or bend the knot so that it doesn’t look perfectly flat.dsc_0445
  • You can tack everything together if you don’t want little fingers to be able to pull the bow out.

Strong work! The primary two elements of Kiki’s costume are complete. On the next post, we’ll add the finishing touches that make the outfit stand out: bloomers, shoes, and messenger bag.


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