Paper Bag Princess – Easy Dress

Hi! Have you heard of the Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch? I somehow missed it when I was a kid and didn’t discover it until I had a daughter. It’s a great, empowering, heroic girl vs. dragon story.dsc_0375

If you haven’t read this illustrated book yet, a dragon attacks Princess Elizabeth’s kingdom, destroying pretty much everything, including the fancy gown she was wearing. With nothing to wear, the princess dons a paper bag and sets off to save the prince.

After our lengthy Quidditch uniform tutorials, we’re going simple today. I’m going to start this series of tutorials with a literal paper bag dress. No sewing today. We’re strictly in craft territory today. From here, we’ll move on to a crown tutorial and finally a sewn, fabric ‘paper bag’ dress  (much more durable and longer lasting.)

The paper bag dress is incredibly easy. A regular lunch size bag will fit your 18 inch doll. This dress can be done in a few minutes with scissors and tape! (Sometimes a fast costume to go along with a read-aloud is all you want!)



First, cut the bottom 3 inches off a paper bag.






Use the piece you cut off and trace the bottom curve onto your remaining bag. Cut that piece out.


Next, cut a line up the center of the back and cut a neck hole in the top.


You can cut the arm holes in two different ways:

  • You can cut them with the corners of the bag left on for a boxy look
  • /or/  You can cut the corners off when you cut the arm holes

Check the length to see if you like it. I ended up cutting another 1/2″ off my dress.

Fasten it at the back with tape.


Your doll is ready to save her kingdom!dsc_0375

We’ll have another quick post tomorrow on how to make the ‘melted’ crown.



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