Quidditch – Knee Pads

Day 4 of our Quidditch uniform! We’ll be adding the knee pads. These aren’t nearly as much work as the shin guards.


Materials needed:

  • McCall’s 6904 view I
  • brown synthetic leather
  • tan or cream fabric for the piping and back of the pads (optional)
  • piping or string/yarn to make your own piping (optional)
  • matching thread
  • 3/4″ Velcro

Just like yesterday’s shin guards, you have an easier option:

dsc_0253I’m not going to lie, I think the easier option is the way to go. If you follow the general directions with the pattern (piece #21), you can make knee pads that look like this picture.

For this style, you’ll need to cut out an additional piece of leather traced from the rounded rectangle on the pattern (marked in the center as stitching lines.) I stuffed a little batting under the rounded rectangle to get it a little elevated compared to the rest of the leather. I also used the minimal seam allowance possible when sewing the rounded rectangle..

The second option has a few more steps and takes more time. If you are great with piping or you want a new challenge, then carry on with the additional steps. Mine didn’t turn out well, but I will leave the directions here in case you can make it work.

Once you get the general pattern cut out, I traced and cut a rounded rectangle/oval based off the stitching lines on the pattern.

Next you’re going to sew the piping on the oval just like we did with yesterday’s shin guards.



Once the backing is sewn onto the center oval, turn it right-side out and stitch-in-the-ditch to the long part of the knee pad.



Attach the velcro according to the pattern’s directions and you’re all set.







Sadly, after all that extra work, I like the plain ones better. Here are the ones I’m going to use:dsc_0255

Coming next, the Quidditch sweater!


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