Quidditch – Pants, Shoes, and Socks



Hi! For Day 2 of Quidditch tutorials, we’re going to make the uniform pants, shoes, and socks to go along with the robe we made yesterday.

The pants are simple. You can use any pants pattern you have on hand. The goal is to make the legs tight enough to fit easily under the Quidditch pads we’ll be making later, but loose enough to fit over your dolls feet.

Materials needed:

  • Simplicity 4297 View G or any other pants pattern you already have
  • 1/2 yd white/cream pants weight fabric, such as broadcloth, lightweight denim – it helps if it has a bit of stretch to help with dressing your doll
  • 1/2 yd of 1/2″ wide elastic
  • white thread

Make the pants according to your pattern’s directions. If the directions are for skinny jeans, you probably won’t need to alter them. If you need to make them more snug: turn them inside out, pin the outside seam, check that the dolls feet can still get through the pants legs, and sew.


Since that was relatively quick, we’ll keep going and add the shoes and socks too.

Materials Needed:

  • McCall’s 6904 pattern Views H and K
  • cardinal/burgundy knit fabric (I used fabric leftover from the Quidditch robe)
  • brown synthetic leather – 13″ X 8.5″
  • 8 brown eyelets
  • brown lace/cord (I used the same “Brown 1/8″ Poly Soutache Braid” from Hobby Lobby that we used for the Quidditch robe’s lacing; it’s often on sale for 50% off)

Just follow the directions for both the socks (View H) and sneakers (View K).

If you want to leave the stripes off the sneaker, you can make a simple, brown sneaker.

You can also modify the pattern for the stripes to just make an upper for the sneakers. I traced the pattern and left off the strips. From there you follow the directions to stitching the upper.



Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the sneakers with and without the upper, so you can see which look you like the best.



We’ll next be working on Quidditch pads!






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