Quidditch Time! – Robe


Harry Potter!!! Can I gush enough about this series!?! My kids are too young to enjoy them, but I’m already planning Halloween costumes, parties, and trips to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in my mind. Since there is quite a bit of time until then, I’ve decided to practice up for their future costumes by making them for dolls – cheaper and faster.

There are already a lots of amazing posts on how to transform your 18 inch doll into a Hogwarts student. My favorite is the tutorial at Arts and Crafts for Your American Girl Doll. It is amazing! In addition to the full school uniform, it shows you how to outfit your doll with a wand, Maurauder’s map, cage for Hedwig, broom, etc. The site provides a free Hogwarts robe pattern and tutorial., which is what we’re going to use today to start our Quidditch uniform.

The robe pattern and tutorial set you up to make a classic Hogwarts school uniform. We’re going to switch the colors to make a Quidditch robe. I’m making a Gryffindor team uniform, but you could select colors to support any House you’d like.

Materials Needed:

Follow the great tutorial provided with the pattern to make your robe. Just remember to keep the color substitutions straight in your mind as your sew: substitute your red fabric for the black outer robe; substitute your yellow fabric for the inner robe lining. I made my robe completely yellow on the inside (the tutorial calls for red and black panels on the inside). The goal is to get the look of the Quidditch uniform in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. You could also shorten the sleeves to 3/4 length if you want – Quidditch robes sleeves are shorter than school uniform sleeves.

dsc_0085Once you finish your robe, we’ve got to add the eyelets and cord to make it look Quidditch ready. I use Drtiz’s Plier Kit that applies both snaps and eyelets. I bought it at Joann Fabrics last year. Unfortunately, I can’t find it on their website. It works fine for eyelets, but I’ve had trouble getting snaps to go on properly. If anyone knows of a great system/tool for eyelets, I’d love to hear about it. Mark your eyelets carefully before you apply them. It’s heartbreaking to misplace a hole after that time sewing.




Lace the uniform with the cord.

If you want to make sure the cord doesn’t fall off when the robe isn’t being worn, you might want to tack it down from the back on one side.dsc_0097 That way it can be untied, but still stays attached and won’t go missing.


You can keep the cord from fraying with a couple of methods. Melting it melting it with a  match works, but I find this makes the end a little too rounded and more difficult to put through the eyelets. An alternative is to use a hot glue gun. Smear a bit of glue onto the frayed end. Once the glue has cooled but is still malleable, roll the end together into a cylinder. Either method you use, be careful not to get burned.

Step one is complete. More uniform tutorials to come!




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