Charlotte’s Web – Finishing Touches

We’ve made it to our final post of the Charlotte’s Web Fern costume. We’ve made the shirt and jeans in a previous post. Now we’ll put everything together.


Since Fern is knocking around the farm, we’ve got to keep things simple. I rolled up the jeans to give them a capri look. Styled her hair in pigtails with ribbons. If you have a pair of tennis shoes or flats you can use those, or you can just let Fern go barefoot. A stuffed pig to serve as Wilbur would be ideal. Round up any stuffed animals you have around that could serve as the animals on Zuckerman’s farm: sheep, geese, horses, cows, rats… I even found an old Beanie Baby Spider I had from my teaching days!

Fern is all ready to raise her little runt of a pig! Get the tissues ready for that heart warming ending.

Please come back for my next post. We’ll be heading a favorite series that first inspired me to start making doll clothes.


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