Charlotte’s Web – Fern’s Jeans / Doll Jeans Shortcut Tutorial

Welcome back to our second post for Charlotte’s Web. Previously we made Fern’s shirt. Today we’ll use a little shortcut to make a pair of doll’s jeans from an old pair of adult/kid jeans. With these directions you’ll keep the original Flat Fell Seam (denim seam) on the outside and leg hem! A nice little short cut for fast doll jeans!

To make these jeans, pick an old pair of jeans that have worn out, are being cut into shorts, or are just out of style. You’ll just be using the bottom 12″ of the legs. Adult jeans work easily because you’ll be cutting below the knees. Kids jeans may work depending on the condition of the knees and whether or not the legs are wide enough.

For the tutorial I used McCall’s pattern 7266 View F, but you can use any pants pattern you have for you doll that consists of only pattern piece (some have 2 pieces for a separate front and back).dsc_0063


Start by folding the pattern piece for the pants in half. Just to find the center line.





Next, position the leg of the jeans with the outside flat fell seam in the center. Line the center of the pattern directly over this seam. You might need to cut the leg open from the inside seam if they are thinner jeans. In the picture here, the pattern can fit across folded boot cut jeans.

Notice that the pattern is hanging off the end of the jeans. Since you’re using already hemmed jeans, you won’t be hemming the doll’s pair that you’re making. Line up the hemline marked on your pattern with the bottom of the jeans.

Pin and cut. Repeat for the second leg.

From here, you can follow the pattern’s directions for sewing the center front, center back, waist, and inner leg seam.

Viola! A relatively easy pair of jeans for your doll.


On our next post, we’re going to put Fern’s costume together and finish up our Charlotte’s Web theme.



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