Charlotte’s Web – Fern’s Shirt

Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White will always have a special place in my heart. An amazing story of friendship, loyality, and sacrifice. It’s a great story for broaching the topic of death, and it’s a wonderful read aloud. As an added bonus, sewing this outfit is simple and straightforward – yay! You’ll be ready to read Charlotte’s Web with your child in no time.

Fern is the girl who saved Wilbur at the beginning of the story and went on to care and love for him. We’re going to make an outfit for Fern – we’ll start with her shirt.


Materials needed:

There are no special directions for this shirt. We’re even using the colors shown on the pattern. Just follow the directions for View A and you’re good to go. The trickiest part is adding the rick-rack to the neckline. Be careful to keep everything flat -it can bunch up the neck and make it too tight.

The shirt is simple and fits the country/farm setting. Fern will look like she’s changed clothes after school and is heading down to her uncle’s farm to play with Wilbur.

The next post will be rolled up jeans for Fern’s play clothes. It’s going to be a nice hack for making them quickly and easily from an old pair of jeans!


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