Anne of Green Gables – Accessories

Hi Kindred Spirits! Today is our final post for Anne of Green Gables. The dress and pinafore are finished, so today is about her accessories: boots, hat, and hair ties.


I made Anne’s boots using McCall’s 3469 pattern. The process of making shoes/boots is definitely a learning process, but it allows you to get the look and color you want for my doll’s outfits. If you already have a pair of black doll boots from another outfit, you’re set!

For Anne’s boots, I used the following materials:

  • McCall’s 3469 patterndsc_0056
  • black pleather fabric
  • black lining fabric
  • interfacing
  • black cord/lacing (I used Hobby Lobby’s “Black 1/8″ Poly Soutache Braid” located with their spools of ribbon. Item #351924)
  • 1/2 yd Soutache (I used Hobby Lobby’s “Black 5mm Elastic Trim” located with their spools of ribbon. Item #683839)
  • black foam (or cheat like I did and just use pleather instead of foam – the heel won’t be as high though)
  • Sixteen 1/8″ eyelets

A few tips I learned the hard way when making boots: be careful with the seam allowances given by the pattern – they’re not very forgiving and it can really throw the size of your shoes. Also, instead of using craft clue to attach the soutache around the bottom of the shoe, I just used a glue gun – far easier and faster and didn’t seem to do any damage to the fabric. Just be careful not to get burned.

For Anne’s hair, I braided her hair in her signature braids and then tied the ends with scraps of material from her brown dress. You could also use ribbon or any other scrap fabric. Remember, we’re going for the poor, orphan look here. The scraps I cut were about 1/2″ X 5″ and tied in an overhand knot. They’d need to be longer if you want to tie bows.

Anne’s hat is a “10″ Round Top Straw Hat” from Hobby Lobby. In the movie, it’s beaten up with chunks out of the edges and the ribbon around it doesn’t match anything. I think it would be really hard to match the movie ribbon exactly. You can pick a ribbon and tie it in a bow around the hat. Or could can go more matchy and use fabric from the dress to adorn the hat.

I hope you enjoyed the Anne of Green Gables tutorial! I’d love to see/post pictures if you make your own!



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